The 13th International Fair of the Embassies is a charitable cultural event. Through donations and sales of typical products from each participating Embassy, funds are raised to support and assist Brazilian charities and actions. The diverse cultures present make the event a rich experience, promoting culture, knowledge, entertainment and altruism.

With the support of the Government of the Federal District, the event, formerly called the "Diplomatic International Bazaar", is a showcase of cultural and commercial excellence from each of more than 100 participating countries.

Dances, crafts, paintings, clothes and typical foods are just some of the attractions. All the money collected during the Fair is reverted into aid for those who need it. There are several projects, initiatives, support houses and needy communities helped by the resources raised.

BE PART OF IT! Regardless of language, solidarity and goodness
are understood by all nations.


  • More than 100 Embassies that will showcase their countries in professionally built stands. They will show their culture, their tourism, sell international products, and food. The stands will be laid out in continents in order for the public to be able to easily circulate “around the world.”
  • International Organizations and entities will also be present;
  • Gourmet Area with “International Restaurants in Brasília”;
  • Cultural Stage for international shows, dance and singing throughout the entire day;
  • Children’s Entertainment & Play area;
  • Stands for 20 local craftsmen to exhibit and sell;
  • Stands for sponsors to promote their brands;
  • Exclusive area with VIP Lounge for Ambassadors and Sponsors at the central area of the Fair.


  • International products & food for sale
  • International music, shows and dances
  • International
  • Motor vehicle exhibition
  • Crafts
  • Cultural and educational exhibitions
  • Toys and games for children
  • Raffle with exclusive prizes